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Radio Services

Comprehensive Radio, Drone, and Offroad Services

Providing expert HF/VHF/UHF/SHF network solutions, professional drone services for inspection, mapping, and security purposes, along with specialized offroad 4×4 training and recovery. Your trusted partner in communication, surveillance, and adventure.


Radio network planning, installation and training services


Leveraging Drone Technology for Versatile and Efficient Business Solutions


Offroad: Access to remote hard to reach areas using 4x4 vehicles
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Radio Communications

Command and control is an essential part of ensuring your operations go as planned and Radio communication is an essential part of the puzzle.


At Deployed Consultancy we offer network planning, consultation and installation of HF, VHF, UHF and SHF radio networks utilising state of the art civilian and military digital radio technology from a wide range of brands such as Motorola, Yeasu, Kenwood, HYTERA, Codan, Barrett.

Combining the already well established technology of radio with computer systems and updated transmission standards, modern radio communications are able to provide secure (Enrypted) transmission of non only voice but also email, images and live text chat, quick live or pre-recorded voice and text messages in addition to the traditional push to talk / walki talki voice transmission we are all used to.

Deployed consultancy will consult with you to ensure you choose the right solution for your operation, plan the network, source the equipment, install it at your location and train your operators and technicians while always being available for further support if needed.

  • Aerial Photography and Videography: Enhance your project's visual presentation with high-quality drone imaging, ideal for real estate, filmmaking, marketing, and more.
  • Infrastructure Inspection: Make use of our drone technology for precise and safe inspections of buildings, bridges, towers, and other infrastructure elements without risking human life.
  • Agricultural Services: Implement efficient crop monitoring and livestock management with our advanced drone solutions. Identify problems early, optimize watering, fertilization, and more.
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Professional Drone Solutions

With the constant march of technology, drones have become an essential tool for all industries from Agriculture to Security, Film making, real estate, surveying, mapping, building inspection and Search and Rescue to name but a few. At Deployed Consultancy we can offer you advice and implementation on the right drone solution for your business or provide services when requested.

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Offroad access to remote locations

Deployed Consultancy can offer various bespoke Offroad services such as rescue/recovery of people/assets and vehicles stuck in remote locations, driver training and experience for workers expected to drive 4x4 vehicles in difficult conditions for their work and leisure alike.

Learn how to cross use the Offroad features built into your vehicle, Cross obstacles safely, operate winches, kinetic ropes, high lift jacks and other recovery equipment safely and effectively and gain the confidence you need to get from A to B Offroad with less chance of being stranded of causing costly damage to your vehicle.